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E2open Design System

I'll bet this looks familiar.

E2open develops a collection of software products that manage the supply chain of worldwide companies including L’Oreal, Boeing, and Kimberly-Clark. It was with a sober sense of responsibility that we were retained to create a consistent visual and interaction system of patterns for their portfolio of products, which — as is often the case in large organizations — were acquired over many years, maintained by different teams, and (clearly) shared no common UI that would identify all the software as belonging to the same suite of solutions.

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(Photo credit: Softcult)

Content warnings: Abuse, harassment, misogyny, mental health, some strong language.

Wow. What a sound.

Softcult is sisters Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn. They’ve been self-recording, producing, and releasing songs consistently throughout this past year, packaging up five of them into April’s Year Of The Rat EP and releasing three more since then, no doubt in anticipation of next year’s scheduled EP, Year Of The Snake.

I was instantly hooked by this band’s time-warping brew of 90s shoegaze, alt-rock, and grunge. Their current 8-song catalog is a highly satisfying callback if you’re old, like me, and a solid revival for the youths, borrowing from the likes of Veruca Salt, Lush, Nirvana, and Slowdive to create a beautifully fuzzed-out DIY aesthetic.

Interestingly enough, these stylistic choices are partially a result of the sisters’ vocal limitations. They regularly talk about Bikini Kill as a primary inspiration, and originally planned to pursue a sound in a similar vein, but found that their voices didn’t mesh with that hard-and-fast riot grrrl sound. Instead, they have found (mostly) softer ways to convey that riot grrrl ethos.

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