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TaxAct Xpert Help

I worked with the TaxAct Assisted Help team to design the next iteration of their efforts to promote a new expert help service. Xpert Help connects the customer with a knowledgeable tax expert to help answer questions that can’t be answered by Google or TaxAct’s own general-audience documentation. An initial design had been launched to a small set of customer during the previous tax season, and the business was ready to take it to the next level as they planned to roll it out to all customers in the next tax season.

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Latest Writing

Unsolicited Feedback: Boom 2

Proposed changes to the Boom experience

Unsolicited Feedback is a series which explores design possibilities from an outsider perspective. These design exercises consider what could be while acknowledging that, inside organizations, there are complex reasons for why products are shaped the way that they are. We’re just having fun here.

I like Boom a lot. I’ve written about it in the past, and raved about how installing it on my computers has significantly enriched my music-listening experience. It’s got nice features and is generally easy to understand.

Could be better, though.

The Problem

My issue with Boom is the extent to which various settings have to be individually adjusted every time the audio output is changed. In my case, I like turning the Preamp and Boom Volume all the way up when I’m listening through my headphones. It just sounds nicer that way. However, when I switch to listening through my speakers, I have to turn the Preamp all the way down, and the Boom Volume down to around 10%. If I forget to do this, the output is too powerful and the resulting blast of high volume could permanently damage my speakers. No bueno!

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