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E2open Design System

I'll bet this looks familiar.

E2open develops a collection of software products that manage the supply chain of worldwide companies including L’Oreal, Boeing, and Kimberly-Clark. It was with a sober sense of responsibility that we were retained to create a consistent visual and interaction system of patterns for their portfolio of products, which — as is often the case in large organizations — were acquired over many years, maintained by different teams, and (clearly) shared no common UI that would identify all the software as belonging to the same suite of solutions.

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Latest Writing

Call Me Medici

I’ve recently started buying music again.

Even with all the personal audio and video tools available these days, it’s still strangely easy to equate slick production and visuals with runaway success. That cool new album I just streamed a hundred times, and can’t get enough of? It may have been recorded in a makeshift blanket fort in the keyboard player’s rented flat because that’s all they can afford, and that’s who lives far enough away from trains and traffic to record in peace. That amazing music video I’m watching on repeat? It may have been recorded on the drummer’s iPhone because he had the most available space to store the footage, and the reason it looks so good is because another band member’s day job is editing video.

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