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E2open Design System

I'll bet this looks familiar.

E2open develops a collection of software products that manage the supply chain of worldwide companies including L’Oreal, Boeing, and Kimberly-Clark. It was with a sober sense of responsibility that we were retained to create a consistent visual and interaction system of patterns for their portfolio of products, which — as is often the case in large organizations — were acquired over many years, maintained by different teams, and (clearly) shared no common UI that would identify all the software as belonging to the same suite of solutions.

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CHVRCHES - Screen Violence

Lauren. Wake up.

Back in September—before I got emotionally sucker punched by Pale Waves’ My Mind Makes Noises —I was regularly listening to CHVRCHESScreen Violence. This is the band’s 4th album, and though it’s still new and it’s only natural to be excited by that, I think I’ll go out on a limb and say that it’s my favorite of the bunch.

It’s already been 8 years (!) since the bright synths, dark beats, and fantastic eye makeup of The Bones of What You Believe came out, and CHVRCHES have covered a lot of ground. Many of my favorite songs are on different albums, but I still think Screen Violence is their best body of work on the whole. Maybe it’s the singular spooky/horror theme running front to back, but this album is strong.

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